Public consultation on Sustainable Forest Management

The consultation has now ended.

Thanks for your participation!

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Sustainable forest management has been a core element in the forest management process for more than a decade. The Sustainable Forest Development Act, adopted in March 2010, introduces a new forest regime that represents a significant step forward in this respect.

The Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune (MRNF) held a public consultation, between October 12, 2010 and January 28, 2011, to know the population’s opinion of two key elements of the new forest regime:

The MRNF will produce a report to inform you of the consultation results. It will be published on the MRNF’s website during the spring of 2011.

Based on the comments it receives, the MRNF will then finalize the sustainable forest management strategy and draft the new sustainable forest management regulation.

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