Expert Opinions

The MRNF has asked for contributions from outside experts, to help improve its work and situate both the strategy and the new regulation at the forefront of the latest sustainable forest management research findings. The experts’ contributions have helped define and incorporate the forestry community’s new social, environmental and economic values .

The experts’ opinions are offered for information purposes, to provide readers with fuel for thought when preparing their submissions for the consultation.

The experts’ opinions of the Sustainable Forest Management Strategy (full version)

The experts produced three opinions at key times during the strategy preparation process. The comments in the first two opinions were taken into consideration when drafting the version submitted for the public consultation.

The comments in the third opinion will not only help inform the debate, but have also been made available during the public consultation period. They have not been incorporated into the consultation document, but will be considered, along with the other opinions and comments received as a result of the consultation, when the strategy is revised.

Economic aspect: Robert Beauregard, Université Laval (PDF Format, 69 Kb)
Luc Bouthillier*, Université Laval
Social aspect: Nicole Huybens, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (PDF Format, 86 Kb)
Solange Nadeau, Service canadien des forêts – Ressources naturelles Canada (PDF Format, 39 Kb)
Stephen Wyatt, Université de Moncton (dimension autochtone) (PDF Format, 111 Kb)
Environmental aspect: André Bouchard**, Université de Montréal
Yves Bergeron, Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (PDF Format, 170 Kb)

* Due to his heavy work load, Mr. Bouthillier will only render his decision at a later date.
** Mr. Bouchard died during the process, and his work was continued by Mr. Bergeron.

Experts’ opinions on the proposals for the new sustainable forest management regulation

The advisory committee composed of Nicole Huybens, Luc Bouthillier and Yves Bergeron (who took over from André Bouchard) issued opinions and made recommendations at every step in the process of preparing the proposals for the new regulation. These opinions and recommendations helped ensure that the content was based on current sustainable forest management values.

The third opinion will be considered at the same time as the opinions and recommendations received during the public consultation.

Experts’ biographical notes (PDF Format, 143 Kb)


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